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Spring 2017 Membership Fees part 2

by Robin Deans, 2017-03-01T20:56:56-08:00March 01 2017, at 08:56 PM PST (0 Comments)

It has been brought to my attention that the Pay Pal option on the Team Pages site costs our club $11.00 per membership paid. This money could be put to better use within our club so we would respectfully ask if members could pay by cheque or cash. The cheques could be left in the boat house or given to the treasurer Richard Maas. We will also have a folder in the boat house with new waivers, and a code of conduct to be signed by each member. Please be sure to check your name off the list on the front cover page once you have done this.

Thank you all for your attention, and prompt renewal.

Robin Deans

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Spring 2017 membership fees

2017-02-28 07:06 PST by Robin Deans (0 Comments)

Hello Ocean River members this is just your friendly reminder that it is time to pay your spring membership fees as of March 1st . I believe Paul will have the fee renewal link updated so you can go online to pay your renewal fee. Thank you all for your pro... [more]

Parking at Ocean River Paddling Club

2017-01-25 08:42 PST by Robin Deans (0 Comments)

This notice is to regretfully inform our members that as of February 1st we will no longer have parking in the lower lot behind Capital Iron. For our weeknight practices this should not be a problem as street parking is free after six. On Saturdays some of t... [more]

Saturday help Jan 7th

2017-01-06 08:58 PST by Robin Deans (0 Comments)

If we have about 10 people tomorrow that can help around noon we could use a hand lifting the walls for the boat storage. You don’t have to be skilled we just need bodies to help lift. Thank y... [more]

Winter Weather Paddling and Docks

2017-01-02 08:09 PST by Robin Deans (0 Comments)

Just a quick reminder to our O.R.P.C. members to check our winter weather policy on the Ocean River Paddling site we have had a lot of very cold days of late so I know not too many of us have been getting out, but if you have you should make sure you are saf... [more]

Message Board

2017-03-16T11:57:04-07:00March 16 2017, at 11:57 AM PDT, Loreli Urquhart said:

Hello paddlers! For those of you who don't know, I am a personal trainer and owner/operator of Alter Ego Fitness Experience. I am certified to instruct clients in small groups and I have been working out with clients since I started my business 9 years ago. My bootcamps run 4 to 6 weeks in duration and my next bootcamp starts April 3rd. For those of you wanting the help and eagle eyes of a personal trainer but cannot afford the luxury of one on one, this is the perfect way to get fit safely and effectively. I have included a link to my website and my business facebook page. Please check it out. As we gear up for longer and more endurance type paddling, having the muscular strength to be able to go the distance is imperative. It will also make it easier to accomplish the distance! If you don't want to join the bootcamp option, don't worry. I strongly believe that every body needs what works for them. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. But may I suggest that you like the Alter Ego Fitness Experience Facebook page to get all kinds of useful tips around exercise and nutrition. http://alteregofitness.ca/ and https://www.facebook.com/AlterEgoFitnessExperienc e/

Also, I am a certified YogaFit instructor and have been able to secure an indoor location for a group of (YOU) to stretch that body after your long paddle practises on Saturdays in Vic West! We all need to stay flexible and we all need to stretch on a regular basis so what I would like to offer paddlers is the type of yogafit practise that focuses on what paddlers NEED for their flexibility to be the best they can be in the boat. Yes, there will be strength (all yoga has strength) and as the group works together, we can evolve the yogafit practise. If you are interested in joining me for this every Saturday (or do it as a drop in), please let me know so I can book the space. The cost will be $8.00 if you sign up for 6 Saturdays and $15.00 if you do a drop in basis. This is NOT bootcamp but yogafit and will be sometime after 2 pm on Saturdays in Vic West across from the Vic West Community Centre. See you all Saturday on the dock!