A Message from your Canadian Outrigger Racing Association

Posted by Lise Bugeaud on Dec 11 2017 at 02:51PM PST

Becoming a member of CORA has many benefits as outlined in the CORA Membership Benefits document at CORA fees cover insurance, travel support costs, clinic support costs, board meetings, teleconference calls, website, IVF representation and legal/accounting fees.

CORA dues are based on the calendar year from January to December. The membership database system is cleared at the end of December; until then, online membership fees will apply to 2017. Members who wish to register or renew for the 2018 paddling year will need to do this after December 31st (when 2018 online registration is available, there will be an announcement on the CORA main webpage).

More information on online registration can be found at

Thank you for looking after 2018 CORA registrations!


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